Cracked iPhone screen? Broken button? Dying iPhone battery? Cracked iPad screen?

iFIXER is who you need.

From the iPhone 5 to the newest iPhone 11 Pro Max, the trained technicians at iFixer have helped thousands of people restore their beloved iPhones to like-new condition.

Most repairs on iPhones, iPads, and Apple watches take less than 30 minutes and can be done while you wait.

We specialize in repairing iPhones and use only the highest quality parts ensuring your iPhone repair is done properly.

Our techs are trained and experienced in all types of iPhone repairs including:
* Screen repair
* Earpiece speaker repair
* Power button repair
* Home button repair
* Battery replacement
* Charging port replacement
* Headphone jack repair
* Volume button repair

Our 90-Day Guarantee

All repairs performed by iFixer are guaranteed for parts and labor for 90 days. If anything goes wrong, bring it back and we'll make it right. See our Terms & Conditions for details.

Common questions and answers:

Do you offer discounts on multiple repairs?

Yes we do. If you have multiple devices that need repairs or own one device with several technical issues, we will offer discounted pricing. Contact us at 1 (709) 222-0222.

I am not sure of the repair that I need, can you help?

Definitely! We’ve helped thousands of Apple users with a variety of issues. Please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll be happy to provide a free estimate for your troubles.

I tried to fix my Apple device on my own, but couldn't finish the repair. Could you do the repair for me?

We understand that you are on a budget. Yes, we can finish the repair for you and make sure your device is assembled properly.

Please contact us to schedule a time to come by and we will provide a quote prior to performing any repairs.

What parts will you use to fix my device?

We will always do our best to utilize the best quality parts available on the market. We use OEM parts, if available and if OEM parts aren’t available, we will use new third party manufactured parts.

All parts and labor come with three-months warranty.

Will I lose my information?

Although we strive to keep all data on your device, it is strictly the customer's responsibility to back up valuable or sensitive data before bringing or sending the device to iFixer Electronics for repairs and/or diagnostics service.

iFixer Electronics is not responsible for any data loss or data breach while device is in our possession. iFixer Electronics cannot guarantee (although we work hard to protect) the security and/or privacy of your data.

If your product is capable of storing software programs, applications, songs, video or picture files, you must protect its contents against loss or possible operational failures during repair work.

Before you deliver your product for diagnosis or service it is your responsibility to keep a separate backup copy of the contents, remove all personal information and data that you want to protect and disable any security passwords or include any passwords with your device.

I have an ipad 6, the LCD works but the glass has to be replaced are you able to fix this?

We can definitely fix this for you and put a new glass screen on.

I have an iPad Mini 2 where the LCD screen is not working it has black streaks in the corner. Is this something you can fix?

Yes we can! We will put in a new LCD and glass screen and this will fix it for you. :)

The battery on my Iphone 8+ is dying and I tried different chargers as well, can you help?

We certainly can! Replacing it with a new battery will fix this.

I have an iphone X and I dropped my phone and the screen broke can you fix this?

We can we can replace the screen for you and it will look brand new!

I need new charging port for my iphone 7, is this something you can do?

Definitely! We can give you a new charging port for your Iphone 7

Do you have a screen protectors?

Yup! We carry a variety of screen protectors for all phones, and if we don't have it in stock it can be ordered. You can view our full list of inventory online or give us a message.

Do you sell phone and ipad cases?

We certainly do! We have a large variety of phone and ipad cases to choose from. Check them out online or drop us a message. :)